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Changetimenow.com at Ipswich offers Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy (R) Hypnosis, Psychological Colour Profiling and NLP coaching .

How many times have you wondered when a real change is going to happen in your life? Well the time is here for you to make the change to have a compelling future by eradicating the barriers that have been holding you back. After all, a compelling and bright future is something you do want, don’t you?

If you are ready to let go of limiting emotions and decisions from the past and if you are ready to create the future the way you want it, then these modalities are the new quantum tools to assist your change.

If you have ever missed out on opportunities because  limiting  emotions like fear ,anxiety ,guilt or sadness held you back, or if you have set goals which you did not achieve, then these powerful change techniques are what you need to change your life around.

I offer individually-designed programs to assist you to achieve your outcome and to help you take- back control of your life. These safe, non-invasive interventions are powerful techniques to assist you to regain personal power. Neuro Linguistic Programming, TimeLine and Hypnosis are tools for enhancing personal development because they allow you to speak directly to your unconscious mind and assist the re-wiring and re-programming via this powerful part of the mind. As such, this places you in control of your thoughts and behaviours and  assists you  to live a more productive life.

“I am not certain what you did during our TimeLine Session: I was an emotional  wreck when I went and saw you after being dumped again by a boyfriend. My eating was out of control and so was my life .But I walked out with all the pieces of my life finally back together. Thank you so much for your caring intervention.”

E. Walker. Ipswich Q